A Colder Day is the first single from my acoustic CD Renaissance Man. Both the single and the CD represent a departure from my more electric productions like South of Dakota and the perpetually-still-in-progress A Function of Time.

For the last year or so, I’ve been a regular performer at local open-mic nights: just me and my Fender El Rio guitar, doing my best to hold the the attention of the audience with just a few words and chords. Often I’ll open the set with a personal favorite by The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty or Neil Finn, then fill the rest of the set with original compositions like these.

The Renaissance Man project collects some of the songs that have had the greatest impact on the audience. Some songs, like “A Colder Day” and “Winter Wind”, have an emotional impact that people will tell me about later, in private. Others, like “Funny Neighbor”, have developed a bit of their own notoriety. I will sometimes get audience requests for “that one about the guy next door.”

I’ll have the single available at my shows beginning 20 Aug 2011, and the Renaissance Man CD will be available at my CD release party on 25 Aug 2011. You’ll be able to order either (or both) at my online store on those dates too.

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Released August 2011

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released 18 Aug 2011

A Colder Day

In a Perfect World

Winter Wind

Funny Neighbor