Almost 20 years after his previous  studio CD, South of Dakota, CW Smith has returned to the studio to produce his newest disc, A Function of Time. Painstakingly recording acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, drums and multilayered vocals, he’s created a reflection on the joys and frustrations in his life as a husband, father, worker, commuter, and musician.

A Function of Time has been in the works since shortly after South of Dakota was released in 1993. Working titles have included Divine Madness, Borrowed Time, and Queue (the song “Back In Line” was originally intended to be used here). Demos of some of these songs date back to 1998, during the time when CW and Steve Hudspeth co-owned and operated Trifecta Studio on Des Moines’ east side.

CW used nine different guitars and five basses throughout the process, to give each song its own distinctive flavor. But holding the whole disc together are two consistent instruments: his 4-piece drum kit and his trusty Fender El Rio acoustic guitar. Listen closely and you’ll hear CW playing 6- and 12-string electric guitars, 4- and 5-string (fretted and fretless) bass guitars, baritone guitar, and harmonica. (You can read about many of these instruments in detail on CW’s Featured Instruments blog).

For lead and solo sections, CW brought in some of his best musician friends to add their expertise as well. The soloists include bandmates from five of CW’s former and current bands (Sound System, Smith & Straughn, Mystic East, dUUdes, and The Grape Ape Trust), as well as players he’s worked with informally. The liner notes for A Function of Time reflect a who’s who of CW’s musical career: Bryan Baker, Justin Chastain, Darrel Cordova, Brandon Findlay, James Haddox, Doug Hoffman, Mike Schneider and Rob Straughn.

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Released July 2013

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released 26 July 2013

Open Mic

Don’t Mind Me

Under the Radar

Not That Into You

Might As Well Be Rain

Have Faith In Me

Eyes of a Common Man

Something ‘Bout the Dark

Too Much Information

Yesterday, a Long Time Ago

Fall Back In Love With Me

Leap of Faith

A Function of Time

You Can’t Get There From Here