“Come On Over” is a straight-on rock and roll song that pulls you right into its story and doesn’t let go. We’ve all had that friend or neighbor who tries just a little too hard, who talks a big talk that you just know he won’t be able to deliver on.

But “Come On Over” does deliver, with tight three-part harmonies, a driving bass line, relentless drums, and a killer guitar solo from CW’s friend Mike Schneider.

Next up is an alternate version of “Lucky Me,” featuring the lead guitar work of Stevan Robinson (Schneider’s solo appears on the album version instead). This stripped-down mix and CW’s growling vocal bring to mind the swamp-rock of the late 1960s.

The EP fleshes out with live, acoustic concert versions of “It Happened One Night,” “Come On Over” and “Lucky Me,” all outtakes from the same live shows CW used to assemble his 2015 live CD, Livin’ Large.

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Released June 2016

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released 18 June 2016

Come On Over

Lucky Me [alternate version]

It Happened One Night

    [live at Chocolaterie Stam]

Come On Over [live at Demicon 26]

Lucky Me [live at Demicon 26]