Early Works was put together for one underlying reason: to archive my old cassettes into a more lasting form. I never expected or anticipated a lot of attention for this 4-CD set, but I have sold a few copies over the years to folks who liked my current material enough to explore my deeper catalogue.

I-80 Westbound was released in 1989, and was my first solo project after leaving Sound System. I borrowed Steve’s Fostex 4-track cassette recorder and laid down acoustic & electric guitars, bass, vocals and light percussion, for an overall “unplugged” sound (years before MTV made “unplugged” popular).

Nothing Flashy was just that -- quick, live, acoustic demos of some new songs and leftovers from the Sound System days.

Blue Street was a compilation of my best work from Sound System, the audubon society, and from I-80 Westbound. One new song was added: “This Is Real.”

All That Matters was laid down meticulously on an open-reel tape deck, one track at a time. I pushed the deck to its limits and convinced myself to buy a 4-track.

“10 February” and 4 July was an EP that included a song I wrote and recorded days after All That Matters was released, and my live performance at Pleasantville’s July 4th celebration. I gave away copies of the EP with the first pressings of All That Matters, and added “10 February / Helix” to the subsequent pressings.

Peace of My Mind was another compilation of work with the audubon society, Indigo Dream, and from All That Matters. Two new songs were added.

CWSmith VII, Psychological Furniture, and Escape From Pennsylvania were all recorded on my Yamaha 4-track. They were recorded fairly quickly, capturing the energy of the creative process, but sounding much more loose than some of my later work.

Long Island Boy was a third compilation of work with misunderstanding, Indigo Dream, and from CWSmith VII and Psychological Furniture. Two new songs were added.

Finally, some additional tracks are added to the Early Works set: demos, rehearsals, and a live radio performance from the 1989-1993 era.

Early Works 1989-1993                                                     previous cdnext cd

Released October 1999

EARLY WORKS 1989-1993

Includes the following full-length cassettes:

    I-80 Westbound

    Nothing Flashy

    All That Matters

    “10 February” and 4 July

    CWSmith VII

    Psychological Furniture

    Escape From Pennsylvania

Includes “new” songs from these compilations:

    Blue Street

    Peace of My Mind

    Long Island Boy

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