Recent releases

Smith & Straughn (formerly the audubon society)                                                         [performing soon]

                                                                      #1 folk artists in Verona, WI, ReverbNation 09 Nov 2013

CW Smith                                                                                                                 Performing Sep 24

                                                                      #1 rock artist in Des Moines, ReverbNation 16 Nov 2013


Sound System                                                                        [still recording, but only rarely performing]

The Word Green                                                                   [still recording, but only rarely performing]

                                                                     #3 rock artists in Des Moines, ReverbNation 22 May 2013

The Grape Ape Trust                                                                                           [no longer performing]

TMI                                                                                                                    [no longer performing]

dUUdes                                                                                                              [no longer performing]