Where CW Smith tends to be more on the pop-rock side of the equation, Rob Straughn tends more to the acoustic-folk side. Smith & Straughn meet somewhere in the middle -- blending the musical elements of folk, blues, rock, and pop into a rich, complex tapestry.

I Think There’s Something Here was recorded over a two-day visit in August 2009. A collection of “living room demos,” the songs on Something Here were mostly recorded live with a single microphone.

CW sings lead on “Too Much Information,” “Old Car,” and “Winter Wind,” and trades off with Rob on “Half Life (Better Than None).” Rob takes lead the rest of the album, including  “Everyone’s a Blonde at Heart,” “If I Lay Out My Clothes For Tomorrow,” and “Who We Are.”

The simple, unencumbered recording process lends a feeling of intimacy and immediacy, giving the listener a feeling of being in the room with the band.

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released August 2009



released August 2009

Too Much Information

Everyone’s a Blonde at Heart

If I Lay Out My Clothes For Tomorrow


Old Car

Half Life of Love


I Forgot

Half Life (Better Than None)

Who We Are

Winter Wind


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