CW’s first-ever live CD, with performances recorded in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Indianola and Fairfield. The songs span nearly 30 years of his even longer  performance career, some as early as 1986, others as new as 2014. (CW began composing in 1979, and started performing even earlier.)

The 15 songs on the disc reflect his CDs A Function of Time (2014) and South of Dakota (1993), and even earlier works like Escape From Pennsylvania (1991), Ancient Blue (1990) and Home Turf (1988). He even introduces two new songs that will appear on Blonde and Sweet (coming in 2016).

Livin’ Large is a limited edition CD. The first 100 copies are sequentially numbered, and no more than 400 physical CDs will be produced. Similarly to CW’s EPs like A Colder Day and Under the Radar, the Livin’ Large CD is intended as a special piece for his most loyal fans, and once it’s sold out, no more physical copies will be available.

Also new with this CD: beginning in 2015, all of CW’s music from 1993 to present will be available for digital purchase on CW’s Bandcamp page. Those of you who can’t play a CD can purchase digital downloads for your computer, phone, tablet, iPod or other digital music player. Digital pricing will be a bit lower because of lower production, packaging, storage and shipping costs.

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Released June 2015

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LIVIN’ LARGE [live recordings 2013-2015]

released 20 June 2015

Long Way

Something ‘Bout the Dark

Might as Well Be Rain

Fall Back In Love With Me

Eyes of a Common Man

Not That Into You

Under the Radar

My First Million

Old Car

Don’t Tell Me

Yesterday, a Long Time Ago

You Can’t Get There From Here

The Devil You Know

This Is Real

Leap of Faith