After spending two years designing and building Trifecta Studio, Steve and I needed some demo projects to market the studio to musicians and advertisers. Steve dusted off an old instrumental synth-rock project and called it Crashing w/Oz. I pulled out the old South Of Dakota tapes, then Steve and I added new instruments, remixed, and remastered the project.

We did run into a snag: the original multitrack tapes for "It Takes Two" and "All I Can Do" from the original album were damaged and couldn't be used. The two songs were pulled from the running order, and the original analog mixes were tacked on the end of the CD as "bonus tracks." Added in their place were two new songs: "Sheila Sometimes," from a 1994 demo with my old live band Mystic East, and "Back In Line," from an abandoned 1994 CD project.

The remastered South Of Dakota was my first release ever on CD.

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original cassette released November 1993

remastered cd released november 1998

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released on cassette 23 Nov 1993

re-released on CD 23 Nov 1998

Misunderstanding You

10 February / Helix

Say Tonight

Back In Line

Living At the Savery

A Slap-Dash Affair

Long Way

Sheila Sometimes

It Happened One Night


It Takes Two (bonus track)

All I Can Do (bonus track)