TMI: a subset of The Grape Ape Trust

Being in a four-piece band is a lot of fun, and allows each of the component musicians a chance to be a part of a larger arrangement. There are things a larger ensemble can do that a solo musician or a duet can’t pull off.

But sometimes that larger ensemble is too much. Maybe the stage is small enough that four guys and their equipment simply won’t fit. A full electric setup might overwhelm a small club or coffee shop. Or there just might be gigs where some members of the band can make it, and others can’t.

CW Smith and Bryan Baker of The Grape Ape Trust developed TMI for just such an emergency. Each is an accomplished singer-songwriter in his own right. Each is comfortable on any of several instruments, allowing for more variations in arrangement. And each has a rich, deep catalogue of songs they’ve played with the GAT, as solo artists, or with other prior and current bands and projects.

The result can be the best of all possible worlds: Smaller and more concise than The Grape Ape Trust. Grittier and more danceable than Smith & Straughn. A deeper catalogue than the dUUdes. Richer and fuller than CW’s or Bryan’s solo shows.  Not a replacement for any of these, but a great side project and a lot of fun.

TMI has played at the following venues:

  1. “A-Maze-ing Days” at Chichaqua Greenbelt Park

  2. Billy Joe’s Lounge

  3. DemiCon 21•23

  4. Des Moines Social Club

  5. Mars Café

  6. People’s on Court

  7. Ritual Café

CW and Bryan have also appeared on the Geek Speak webcast on and online in Second Life.


Bryan Baker: guitar, baritone guitar,

    bass guitar, mandolin, banjo,

    percussion, vocal

CW Smith: guitar, baritone guitar,

    bass guitar, mandolin, banjo,

    percussion, vocal

    Des Moines, Iowa

The Beatles, Steely Dan, Tom Waits, Big Star, Crowded House, Television, The Cars, Rolling Stones, The Who, Oingo Boingo, Barenaked Ladies, Badfinger, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell, REM, T Rex, The Band, Tom Petty, Creedence Clearwater Revival,  Johnny Cash, The Police, Elvis Presley, John Cougar Mellencamp, Dire Straits, Roy Orbison, The Doors


the best of all possible worlds