The Songwriter’s Dream is the first in a series of three full-length CDs, the collection being titled Pencil and Paper. Each explores a different facet or theme from Rob Straughn’s songwriting career, which now spans 50 years.

Each song is recorded live with a single stereo microphone. No layering, punch-ins or overdubs have been made, although occasionally two or more takes are spliced together. What you’ll hear is very much like having Rob Straughn performing in your own living room.

The songs on The Songwriter’s Dream speak of love, loneliness, disappointment, isolation, longing, and hope. Rob has a magical way of expressing complex ideas in very few words.

The songs were composed by Rob alone, or with his songwriting partners CW Smith and Tony Hozeny. CW Smith produced the CD from Rob’s original home recordings.

The next two CDs in the series, Alien Tongue and Guitar In Green, will be released together in November 2016, to coincide with Rob’s 70th birthday.

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released August 2014


The Songwriter’s Dream (Rob Straughn)

released August 2014

A Colder Day

Let Me Try

It Should Be Simple (But It Isn’t)

I’ll Be On My Way

Next Stop Amarillo

Stuck in Yuma

Will You Wait There For Me?

Welcome to Nowhere Land

A Turn Away

Here For Life


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