The Word Green



The Word Green traces its roots to the summer of 1991, and a session at CW Smith’s tiny apartment in Des Moines’ Drake neighborhood. Of the several recordings attempted that day, only one song survives: the upbeat and energetic “Whaddya Got?”

The name was chosen when CW asked drummer Ernest “Butch” Bach for some ideas to incorporate into a band name. Ernest replied, “I don’t know ... I’ve always liked the word ‘green.’” CW put down his pencil and announced that was it. “What ... Green?” Ernest asked.

“No,” CW replied, “The Word Green.” And so it was.

Today, The Word Green explores the boundaries of the two piece rock ensemble with CW Smith on guitar and baritone guitar, and Ernest Bach on drums and percussion. In their theory, all that rock and roll needs is melody, percussion, some simple chords, and a whole lot of energy. All the rest is window dressing. Their blend of original and classic rock, blues and rockabilly is sure to get you up off your chair.


Ernest “Butch” Bach:

    drums, percussion, vocal

CW Smith:

    guitar, baritone guitar, vocal

    Des Moines, Iowa

The Beatles, Stray Cats, Buddy Holly,

Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, BB King,

Mojo Nixon, Buck Owens,

Bo Diddley, Stevie Ray Vaughan,

Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Joe Walsh,

Creedence Clearwater Revival

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