Under the Radar is the first single from my new CD, A Function of Time. Of the 14 songs on the CD, “Under the Radar” is a relatively new one, written in 2010.

At the time, my daughter and her friends were fascinated with spies and secret agents. I recall being just as enamored with those sorts of games too at her age -- goodness knows I spent many hours pretending to be James Bond or Maxwell Smart. I realized that this sort of play is likely a pretty universal theme for most kids.

The EP contains two mixes of “Under the Radar,” a demo recording of “Might As Well Be Rain,” and a special live recording of “Don’t Tell Me,” one of my earliest compositions from even before my days with Sound System. Apart from the lead track, none of these songs is available on any other CD.

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Released June 2013

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released 28 June 2013

Under the Radar (album version)

Under the Radar (stripped down acoustic mix)

Might As Well Be Rain (original 2001 demo)

Don’t Tell Me (25th anniversary live recording)