Four years after I Think There’s Something Here, and in between the recording of CW’s A Function of Time and Rob’s Pencil and Paper trilogy, Smith & Straughn have continued to get together in Des Moines and Verona every few months to work on new music together.

Two promising sessions in 2012 and 2013 each yielded some fantastic new songs by our low-dynamic duo .. each time a song apiece by CW and Rob.

In April 2012, as Rob visited Des Moines, they began with “Let Me Try,” written in response to an open mic songwriting assignment. They followed up with “Here For Life,” an ambitious work describing friendship, love and faith.

In February 2013, CW made the trek to Verona where they wrote the reggae-flavored “Not That Into You” after a discussion of the music of The Police. And Rob followed up with a look at bullying from the eye of the victim: “Holding Up the Rear.”

As 2013 wraps up, Smith & Straughn are turning their focus toward Rob’s new solo CDs, and a possible new S&S CD in 2014. Meanwhile, here’s a little something to help us stay in touch with you.

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released September 2013



released September 2013

Let Me Try

Here For Life

Not That Into You

Holding Up the Rear


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