In the final installment of the Paper and Pencil trilogy, Guitar In Green features named groupings of songs, short songs or fragments. The featured instrument in this album is the steel string alto guitar that graces the cover, as a part of the vivacious artwork by CW Smith, who serves as the album’s producer as well.

Here, the titles of the groupings indicate a sharper focus for the themes of disappointment and uncertainty. Likewise, intrinsic discords in the guitar chords, as well as in melody, signal the sense of disruption and chaos that pervades the music.

Yet, behind the disconcerting aura lies a surprising confidence, suffusing the music with a monument to overcoming life’s challenges.

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released November 2016


Guitar In Green (Rob Straughn)

released November 2016

five smooth illusions

    roaming anywhere

    deep inside you

    tough face

    the hard years

    bitter about life

rinky dink life

    used cars

    never too late

    another interest

    a life without god


    a strange neighborhood


four shallow earthquakes

    shook my head no

    saturday night special

    not together together



    this leaf

    no bombs


    some colder night


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