Short songs, full songs, fragments, groupings of fragments: these are the representatives of experimental construction for the tracks of Alien Tongue, Rob Straughn’s second solo album in the 3-album trilogy, Paper and Pencil, produced by CW Smith.

Also in evidence are unusual harmonies in the melodies and the chords of the simple folk stylings of one voice and one guitar. Discords may appear subtly, while others are more apparent.

Furthermore, the songs are grouped together in bunches of five or six, suggesting thematic commonalities. The lyric themes of joy, pain, fear and doubt appear mixed together, leaving a nuanced collection, showing both seriousness and humor.

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released November 2016


Alien Tongue (Rob Straughn)

released November 2016

With You

Us One


She Remembered Too

Love In Store

Front and Center

The Two Old Friends


Groundhog Day

Bang, Fun

Fearfully and Wonderfully

His Passes

Three Little Words

A Stone Is a Stone

The Silly Professor

The Alien Tongue

The Drunken Dancer


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